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September 29, 2020, 03:56:36 pm
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1  Chat / General chat / Canceled on: July 12, 2009, 09:04:43 pm
I started this game without knowing how hard it would be. But now I know that I must quit this one to start anew. I will be using a different program than RMXP. I am sorry to everyone.
2  Pokemon Auranite / Story / The Story of Bentus on: January 22, 2009, 06:33:10 am
 This is the only information on him that I will release:

Bentus is a supreme commander of Team Galactic. Though his cunning skills, he has brought down many heroes. But one day he challenged the word of Cyrus. Cyrus was outraged at his commander. So he challenged him to a Pokemon battle to show who is stronger. Bentus had Cyrus were he wanted him,but for unknown reasons, He fortified and pledged his allegiance. And was forgiven.

He asked Cyrus if he would give him the chance to show his allegiance, to spread the Word of team GalactIC. That region was Aroma, but Bentus a has plans of his owns.

3  Pokemon Auranite / Pokemon Character Developement / Fakemon on: January 21, 2009, 03:30:52 pm
This is where all the pokemon is added. Please post a description of your pokemon and a picture.
Be sure that some if not all the names will be changed

I have some pokemon but I am definitely not the naming type.
So if you could help then that would be great
4  Pokemon Auranite / Items and New Move / Move templates on: January 21, 2009, 06:08:53 am
Well I'm really not sure if this is the standard move template(if someone can help me out that would be nice) but.

1,POUND,POUND,00,40,NORMAL,Physical,100,35,0,00,0,abef,Tough,"Pounds the foe with forelegs or tail."

I suggest you study up on Pokemon Essentials and Rmxp.
5  Pokemon Auranite / Tryouts / Tryout Rules on: January 18, 2009, 07:51:27 pm
Alright here is the deal. Your Talent has to be good.

Open Position:
1 scripter, has to be really experience and/or have to be really good at coding ruby
2 Fakemon spriter, If you want to apply for this job then you have to experience in this area also
3 Idealist, I think that this is anyone can do
OW spriter 1-2, I have one but there is also enough room for more.
3 fakemon artist, You have to be good a sugimori art to apply for this one
When making a thread here is the example
Thread name: [Fakemon Spriter] Your Name
Description: I would like to apply for the fakemon spriter job as you see. I have been spriting for a year now and would love to be a spriter of  your game. Here is my best work (insert fakemon sprite)
6  Pokemon Auranite / Pokemon Character Developement / The Main Characters on: January 18, 2009, 05:43:17 pm
The games male hero.A boy just starting his journey as a pokemon trainer. His only family is his mother and his older brother Brad, he never knew who his dad was but only Stories. He is quiet and  shy sometimes.  But is headstrong and courageous, and sometimes playful. In the face of danger he will stand to stop at nothing to defeat it.He wants to prove his brother that he can be a better  trainer and defeat him. He dreams to be a Aura Guardian like in the bedtime stories.

The games herione. She hails from the land of Sinnoh. Through her love of pokemon and skill she became a pokemon champion. She then join PD to fight TG and their evil ways. She takes up the  task to captor Bentus, a TG Admin. She has no family, But considers Prof.Rowan a father figure since he often takes care of her.She tags along to you for The majority of your battles. She also will  find about more of herself. Her only starting pokemon is Chimunk

A clever and headstrong Pokemon Trainer. He reigns as the pokemon champion of Chubu. He loves training his little brother Riley for his upcoming Pokemon journey.He is also the usual brother  who wants to protect his little brother from bullies. He would risk his life just to protect Riley. His pokemon are all at a high level and will take you out in second if you are not careful. He is very  tactical and smart with an IQ of 160, his stategies have helped him take out countless foes. But just like his littlebrother he wants to be a Aura Guardian.

The Pokemon proffesor of the game. She used to be a Pokemon champion too. Even taught Brad everthing she knew back then, which in turn his used to defeat her with. But now she is a proffesor  and researcher. She takes care of abandoned pokemon. And researches all that she can on the Ancient god Pokemon. She is very enthusiastic and guide you to become the new Champion.

He is the mysterious admin of Team Galactic-Chubu Division. He says that he was once live in the land of Ahurama a long time ago. He  is a force not to be reckoned with. All the rest is up to the game to tell.

Team Galactic
Bentus Followers who were once apart of Team Galactic, but they still call themselves TG for an unknown reason
7  Pokemon Auranite / Items and New Move / We need Pokemon Items and Moves on: December 22, 2008, 12:30:07 pm
Please Give contributions to any New Moves or New items. They are needed. Give a very brief,good description.  Also with move animation pictures
8  Pokemon Auranite / Pokemon Auranite News / The downlow and Rule. on: December 21, 2008, 11:20:20 pm
It is here that I will give you a list of things that i have done to update the game.
I have not started yet on the game, but as soon as i learn how to code and script be sure that you give me full support.
No Double Posting.
No post under the 25 character's

Freedom of Speech

But any disrespect to the mods, staff or admins. Especially me.
You are banned for life
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